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flavour and filling of your choice, topped with swiss meringue buttercream swirls, toppings to match your flavour and a personalised cake topper



classic cake with topper

  • Allergen notice:
    Please note that I work in a small and busy home kitchen and whilst I take the utmost care with each item I make, there is always a chance of cross contamination with allergens.

    I do use ingredients which do or may contain gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, tree nuts and sulphites. 

    Whilst I offer - no gluten added, vegan, dairy and egg free cakes these are baked in a kitchen where those allergens are used.

    Please see an alphabetical list below of allergens present in each product, bearing in mind traces of any of the allergens mentioned above may also be present.

    vanilla - eggs, dairy, gluten, wheat

    cookies and cream - eggs, dairy, gluten, wheat

    chocolate cake - eggs, soy, gluten, wheat

    caramel - eggs, dairy, gluten, wheat

    lemon - eggs, dairy, gluten, wheat

    lemon and blueberry - eggs, dairy, gluten, wheat

    lemon and raspberry - eggs, dairy, gluten, wheat

    sticky date - eggs, gluten, wheat, sulphites

    apple and caramel - eggs, dairy, gluten, wheat

    carrot cake - eggs, tree nuts, soy, gluten, wheat 

    banana - eggs, dairy, gluten, wheat

    black forest - eggs, dairy, gluten, wheat, sulphites

    pink champagne - eggs, gluten, wheat, sulphites

    chocolate whiskey cake - eggs, dairy, gluten, wheat, sulphites

    no gluten added products - wheat and gluten may still be present however a high quality gluten free prodcuts will be used.



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